How to…

I’ve recently discovered “how to” kill boredom and “how to” do it learning something interesting while surfing the net.

Typing “how to” on You Tube you’ll have plenty of options. From DIY tips, make up secrets and online courses of all kind to full fill your knowledge and curiosity cravings.

The one that I’ve found most useful and entertaining so far is how to peal a potato Japanese style.

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  • Gemma, you did it. If it weren’t for you I’d never have known let alone seen how to peel a potato Japanese style. But have you ever seen the youtube video about how to fold a shirt in one swift movement…i think it was Japanese style too. Anyway, check it out, I like your blog and am in the midst of compiling blogs that I like for our links page at Could you be interested in cross-linking with us? Let me know ok? Thanks,


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