I’ve been reading recently about the necessity in our society of taking things easy. Apparently, there’s a new theory that claims that creativity is condemned if we don’t stop our rushing style of live.

‘Stop, sit down, listen to the silence, and think’ – That’s what we should be doing at least once a day instead of trying to fill up our time with entertainment to cover the gap of free time.

Time is what we’ve got. Lot’s till we die. And we try not to think of the moment this time will be gone,  so much that we forget about the life it self and to live it.

Creativity in this sense is what it can make it interesting and worth living that time we have left. Therefore, maybe it is time to take some off to create a slow down tempo of living to gain  a much better society where free time it’s our time. The time we use what we learn, hear, know…to think about the why, where, how, who we are and what the hell we are here for. Then, maybe then, we can understand why our live is how it is (society) and change what we don’t like of it.

That’s been my time for today.

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