DIY and holidays

dsc017981.jpgDIY seems to be nowadays the hobby of the people who don’t have hobbies or the people, like me, that don’t have money to go on holidays.

Today, after waking up in a manky yellowy room (it meant to be white!) and watching one of thousand available programs there is on TV about DIY , I’ve decided to go to a DIY megastore; get some stuff and get myself busy.
I have to say that I was very exited going along the corridors and looking up and down the shelves. Million ideas came to my head imaging all the things I could improve in my little apartment. But, of course I had no idea about the kind of paint I needed, the measures, the tools I might need, how to start or how to do it…it’s much more complicated than what they show on the bloody telly!!! Seriously, I didn’t know there was so many different variety on paints!?¿¿?¿.

A part from my confusion (it was very evident that I was a DIY virgin) there was a bunch of men no just looking for a hammer and even one that was carring a child was looking at me as he wanted to give me “a coat of paint”! There was more people in the store that I have ever seen in the Barceloneta beach on a Sunday morning in the early summer… does people don’t have anything else to do!!!???

Anyway, at the end I manage to get what I needed and some other items to improve the overall look of the room: paint for the walls, brushes, 3 rugs… I’ve spend far to much and now there’s no excuse…I have to DIY!!!

Well, I’ve start this afternoon with a couple of old chairs and that took me just one Strokes album (the last one) but the cleaning took me the whole other two!!

Tomorrow I’m going to start with the walls…I think I going to play David Bowie because is going to be a long day…

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