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To my grandmother

I have recently lost a very good friend, a soul mate, a companion of adventures, a person who teach me so many things that I’ll never forget. My grandmother died last Thursday.
In her honor I read at the funeral one of her poems that she wrote in the memory of hers and that she used to preform in special occasions.

Avia Teresa i Avi Jaume

L’Avia (Grandmother)
By Maria Teresa Puig Altes (1911-2007)

Al neixer vostre llar sigue mon niu
acotada a la falda amb donareu caliu.
Tenieu la cara fresca, el front llis,
i gaudieu veient quan reia feliç.

Teresa and Gemma

L’avia al brasol contempla la neta,
ella se sent com dos vegades mare.
Amorosa m’abraça, a son pit m’apreta,
m’estima tant que mai mon desapare.

L’avia sempre carinyosa i bona dona,
ella sempre em cantava la nona.
M’abrasolava i em feia dormir
i em posava els llançolets de lli.

L’avia cantava i era molt riallera,
em donava sopes amb una cullera.
De menuda veia com pastava el pa,
em deia: “noia, axió no es pot tocar!”

L’avia a la vuitantena té la ratlla,
peró sempre conte alguna rondalla.
“Com passa el temps, sembla estrany,
peró sino fos que ja tinc tants anys!”

L’avia està  molt cansada, com es velleta,
camina amb pena i molt calmosament.
Arrupida bora del foc d’una cadireta,
canta poc a poquet molt dolçament.

Peró ara jo cuidare de vos
que molt guanyat teniu el repós.
En mi sempre tindre una pau serena,
que jo he deixat de ser una nena.

Teresa and grown up Gemma

Doncs envers aquest amor tant gran
i encara que tingui de suar sang
a l’avia mai mai més no la deixarè¨
ara arrivada a gran vos tornarè¨.

Els meus pares jo els sentia a dir:
“tots ens farem vellets
i farem el mateix cami,
i tal com tu faras,
tu també t’ho trobaras.”

When I was born your home was my nest
siting on your lap you gave me warmth.
Your face was fresh, your forehead free of wrinkles
and you enjoyed seeing me happily laughing.

Grandma is looking at the cradle watching the granddaughter
she is feeling two times mother.
She hugs me with love against her breast very tightly,
she loves me so much that I never feel alone.

Grandma is always loving and a good woman,
she used to sing me the lullaby.
She used to rock me to make me sleep
and dress my bed with linen sheets.

Grandma used to sing and laugh all the time
she used to give me soup with a spoon.
When I was little I used to watch while she was making the dough
and she used to say: ‘girl, you can’t touch this!’

Grandma in her 80′, have wrinkles
but she is always telling some tale:
‘time goes fast, it is estrange
if it wasn’t that I’m so old!’

Grandma is very tired because is old
she walks with pity and calmly.
Sitting in a little chair by the fireplace
sings very slowly and angelically.

But now I’m going to take care of you
because you gain a good rest.
In me you’ll find serene peace,
because I am not a child anymore!

Therefore, facing this great love,
even if I had to suet blood
I’ll never ever going to leave my grandma alone
that now that you are old I’ll repay you.

I used to hear my parents say:
“we all are going to get old and we will go the same way.
You will do, and you will find it too!

For ever in my heart and in my memory, my grandma Teresa.