Monthly Archive for November, 2006


dsc02755.jpgI didn’t have time to update my blog for a while. Well, lets say I’ve been a bit busy recently.

I been organizing an international wedding, I got married in September, I went to Thailand for the honeymoon and back to the rutine.

Apart from that, not much else, basically I’ve been too lazy to write, to be fair.

One of the ideas people have about a couple who get married after a long relationship is that they are planing to start having children like maniacs … well is not the case. If we got married it was because we wanted to get all our friends and family together and let them mingle and enjoy a big party. I hope they enjoyed because for me was more stressing than anything else I’ve ever done. It was so good through to see everyone but it was a real shame not being able to have a talk with all…and worst, not been able to introduce one another. I went to my grands last weekend and they ask me to go thr the pictures one by one and tell the who was who because they didn’t understand anyone!!

Anyway it was good…and I’m not planing to have children yet…not feeling very maternal at the moment…

By the way…I did, I’ve got a myspace…sorry: