Monthly Archive for July, 2006

The Office

new office 1.jpgThe company I work for moved at last to the new office after months of waiting as squats in other departments of another company who owns the building. We’ve been waiting for 7 months to get to the new office and while waiting we manage to get to know (networking) lots of people from the departments we were skuoting…and despite beeing a bit unconfortable by not having our own place I will miss it basilcally because now in my

new office 2.jpg

office is just 3 of us (well, 2 because my boos have his own office insite the new one).
Here you have some pictures of the inauguration party last Friday!!!! (well, party, party…lets say a formal celebration with lots of diplomacy and lots of free food and cava = big success with half smile!).

FIB 2006

fib 20061.JPGThis year Festival Internacional de Benicassim has been great. A part from a good line up (see: the rest of the experience has been fantastic.

We’ve seen the Strokes, Madness, The Rakes, Pixies, Scissor Sisters, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, …Well, I have to say that we went to less concerts than the year before but we’ve seen more quality. It’s been like a proper holidays (lots of beach, lying around doing the minimum to not get overheated and nice beers in the shade…) with and extra: the festival.

One thing I have to complain thou, is the camping. We were camp at Bonet…terrible. The place was a mess and stinks, the shower cues were eternal, and is very far away from the concert area. The only redeeming feature is that is close to the town and closer than anyother site from the beach…but not that close (30 min walk in the baking sun!!).

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to my companions for a great time…and definitely, we are doing it next year.

(pictures here)