Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Brixton, London!

dsc01844.jpgLast weekend I’ve spend it in London visiting my aunt Choni who is living in Brixton for a few month.
I arrange a kind of a family trip to London for my two cousins, Victor and Cristina, my aunt Pepa and me. We took a couple of days off and had a great weekend (better than I spected…well, they are lovely, but you know… family and arguments always go together!!!).
My aunt, despite her 5 month in London, she hasn’t manage to improve at all her English, in fact I think is worst than before, but I guess is perfectly understandable after spending sometime there. There’s Spanish people everywhere…I think I spoke more Spanish in London than in Barcelona (lots of “guiris” here!!)
There we did the usual: visit some sites and do some shopping in the typical-London-tourist-attraction-markets (by the way…I discover that they change the price. If you go to the market on the weekend is more expensive than on the weekdays!!)
One think I like about this time in London is the opportunity of staying in Brixton. The impression most people have about Brixton is that it’s dangerous and doggy. Even the people who live in London will never put their feet on the neighborhood. In fact, my aunt was telling me that some of her friends who live in the center once decided to visit her place, and as they step out of the underground they rushed back in because they felt unsafe…bollocks them!! I’ve spended 4 days there and it’s like Raval in Barcelona: multicultural, good music, friendly people and hairdressers that open after midnight!!
About the music, by the way, one night we went to this little bar in Brixton (can’t remember the name) to have a beer and there was this two guys playing jazz…It was brilliant! So I enjoyed the music while my aunt was updating her love live with my cousin…so everybody had a good time!. Apparently, there’s lots of pubs and bars in this district that have live music everynight and mainly jazz!
The night before we left we went out, but seriously this time. One thing that surprise me, I mean irritated me, was the London-pulling-behavior of men in general…men are so direct that put you off!!! …but I manage to not pay a single drink in all night…even saying that I was engaged…it’s provably the dress I bought in Candem…definitely, because I had never had so much attention around me in all my live!!! (…or they are very very desperate…). I think is because of this that my aunt don’t want to come back to Spain, hehe.
So, as I was saying, we went to this club call “on the rocks” that plays ska and reggae. It was great, the music and the ambient. Everyone was dress like in the sixties and they play Doc. Alimantado!!!! …fantastic, I’m determined to take Tom there someday!! When they closed, around 3 am, we moved to another club (I can’t even remember how we got there) guided by this ex-lover of my aunt (a bit of a twat…by the way!) and his friend (even worst…if it can be!) that was trying, while preforming his role as a guide, to get in my cousins bra!!! His words:” I like Spanish women’s shape…they are so proportioned: good ass and good tits…by the way, can I touch yours?” …and my cousin:”no way” …him:” Gosh, you are so tight”…my cousin:”For you I am and you are an asshole (in spanish=gillipollas!!)!!!”
So, we went to this ‘After’ and we dance and dance till the sun came through the curtains.There were lots of weirdos around this place. I was talking to a guy with a camera at some point that was doing a documentary…or some sort of recollection of data about Spain…I talk with him for a while till I realize he was filming…God knows what’s on that tape!!!
All in all it was fun and a good opportunity to spend some time with my cousins…that, by the way, I don’t see that often. I feel bad for Victor because he is just 13 years old and he wanted to go out with us. So we, Cristina and me, made the promes that when he gets to 18 we all go back to London I go out again, to celebrate!!!!

Is Saturday night…

Is Saturday night, but you could say is Sunday morning. Is 2:18 pm by my computer.
I just came back from a free concert of “Baron Rojo” held in my town for the local festivities. Their are this kind of Spanish old heavy metal band from the 80’s that seems to keep on going till they die but they are pretty average…and because of that they never make it in the big business…because of that they are playing in Cerdanyola (my town, a suburb of Barcelona) for free.
Today is been a great day. It’s been one of those days you don’t expect much of but it and becomes something memorable. Today’s has been a memorable day.
We woke up at 10.30 am; have a coffee at home; got to Barcelona; get in to shape (in the train); get to this f****** pretentious restaurant by the Barceloneta Beach (by the way, pretentious but good restaurant: Shoko) and have a good meal (but very very over price)!
Then we got to see this kind of kinky sort of flying show for free at the beach of Bogatell that was more than busy (fact that put me off considerably!) and run home for some peace and some tapas by the stinky manky river of Cerdanyola. As we finish, Tom, Rob and me head up to our home for some more drinks and waited for Adam to come back from the Nou Camp. After some deliberations we decided, unanimously, that we go to this concert…and then I was far to tired to carry on…seriously, I think I’m getting old.
But, nevertheless, I had fun.