Monthly Archive for April, 2006

Hot Fuzz

Simon Pegg, writer and lead actor of Shawn of the Dead (great film!!!! that I’m sure you know otherwise you should!!!!!!!) talks about  his training for his new film Hot Fuzzhe is so cute!!! …ups, sorry about that, here you have the video.


No Mires MTV

MTv Spain launched this new viral marketing campaign.
I think is hilarious!!

Very very funny website..look.


IMG_2237.jpgItran is the new Flamenco band of my lovely sweet cousin Cristina. They just start playing in small bars in Gràcia (district of Barcelona) and they do it pretty well, I say…but I’m not an expert.
My cousin is been a consistant singer all her live. I think she start singing even before she could talk.
Well, I don’t know if they ever become something big but here it is the first songs they’ve recorded…and remember…you hear it here first !!!!…and, by the way…I already contract them for my wedding!!







With or without

IMG_2274.jpgI’m back after a long time. We been disconnected of the internet for a while and I was starting to go nuts. First because Tom and I have to fight to get hold on the TV control and secondly because I can’t live without the net…and the worst is having to fight back on the phone with the internet provider costumer service. I really thing thouse services are patience-testers. They carry on passing you to someone else once you finish explaining all the problems you have …and then, start again because they do not pass the f**** information to one another…it’s a bloody nightmare.
So after long time trying to get back I’m back and without sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning on the start of the last day of my holidays trying to update my blog now Tom is asleep and I don’t have to fight to use the computer..hehe.
Well, since the last time I wrote the weather got a lot better, despite the eventual rain. We got to 30ºC today and is getting hotter!!! Is been a wonderful long Easter, at least for me. I got 10 days holidays…I didn’t have as many since We went to Australia in 2004!!!…Tom just got 4 days. So at the beginning of the week, seeing the perspective I had ahead staying at home becoming Tom’s dream-house-wife (…sorry, but is never going to happend…I am in fact very bad housekeeper…) I decided to abandon him for a few days and go to Tarragona to visit my family for a change and try to get some things done for the wedding.
I did visit the family, and a lot…but nothing much else…well, yes we went to a sort of and excursion to the Delta del Ebro that took most of the time I spend in Tarragona because of some problem people have to arrive on time to places (not giving more details).

Then, the rest of my holidays I have been like an old lady: gardening, painting, going for walks…is been more relaxing than exciting but good to sort things at home…still more painting to come thou If we want to have a presetable house for the wedding….lkjaiguyrlitgsvnxbcveiuoq.
Ups, I almost forgot, Tom and I decided to start going to the Gim. I have to say, that besides my heat for this tourtour places and my lack of will to be constant, I manage (..ok, yes…is not me is Tom that wakes me up in the morning….) to go to swimming every morning before going to work for the last 2 weeks. Lest see how much more I can do…who knows, maybe I become a superwoman by the end of the summer or a another quitter by the end of this month!