Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Spring, spring …

Last weekend was fantastic. It felt like Spring has just arrived … in Cerdanyola, at least.
We waited so long for the Spring to come that it seems as it was never going to come.
On Friday we maneged to clear the terrace and Saturday was so good to seat around with a cold drink, sunglasses on and the sunshine on the face…almost hot enough to be just with a t-shirt!!!
It’s in moments like this when Tom and I really appreciate living in Spain…I don’t even want imagine what’s the weather like at this time in England….lkjdhgflkjfhglidygkjh…Here is all in bloom, the flowers, the trees, the teenagers…and the dodgy pigeons meeting again!…you stupid old woman, STOP FEEDING THEM!!!! COLLONS!
..and then, today comes with a dark cloudy day again. High expectancies normally take to big disappointments…the cold weather came back and it came to my mind my grandma’s wise words: “hasta el cuarenta de mayo, no te saques el sayo”!!! (not even going to translate this…you’ll work it out…sure!)…except if you are in El Corte Ingles; they are always early!
But, anyway, Summer is coming inevitable and with it the heat, the festivals, the icecreams, the holidays, the suntans (I really need some…brrrrrrrrrrr, I’m starting to look a bit green!!), the meals in the terrace, the drinks in the “xiringuitos” by the beach,….
…and the mosquitoes, little bastards..always spoiling the moment!!
And, almost forgot, the bird flu!!! I heard something very wired yesterday; they mention on a program (I can’t remember witch one) that it is possible that the cause of the pandemic of Spanish Flu in 1918 could have been a bird flu!!!…I can’t tell, but after all this time talking about it I heard no one even mentioning it before…oh well, I guess it is a possibility.
So, lets see what this Spring might be!!!!