Monthly Archive for February, 2006

Hey, there’s a NEW homepage, for toM and geMMa!

We, my fiancee and I, have created a new homepage for everyone to see that we actually doing something about our wedding and to prove (as an addvice) how bloody hard is getting married (and expensive) in this country, Spain, when one of the partners is a foreigner.

Have a look at

Black Books

black books Recently Tom got the 3 series of Black Books. We almost watch them all …we didn’t watch them all because Tom wants to make it last…if it was for me I’ll probably watch it non stop, it is hilarious!!!
Black books is a British dark comedy series based on a 3 selfcenter-characters and a bookshop. I love the way they manage the script making rude remarks in a direct but sarcastic way…those kind of answers you wish you come up to insult someone in a elegant way when they piss you off but you don’t want to get to their level…well, …when you want to disarm them….so, no possible reply. It’s almost like Katherin Hepburn in Philadelphia Stories insulting Cary Grant. But, unfortunately, it’s just in the first series. As more episodes pass, fewer clever remarks and more silliness…almost disappointing but still funny compare to other comedy programs that aim for that type of humor…
Basically, it is: wine , wine, cigarettes, wine, books, some more wine and some rudeness, with a hint of some very funny cameos of famous British comedians.
Highly recommended!!!!

I’ve survived the suicidal age!!!

 hey…I’m not 27 anymore…in other words, I’m 28…yes, I know…late 20’s.

Well, at least I manage to survive to the suicidal age of 27 and I’m not going to be a legend (Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, James Dean, Jimi Hendrix)… well, I didn’t really start any celebrity career…so what was I expecting!!!…and I’ve been very happy in the recent years, so here I’m and for a long time, hehe.


I talk and talk but no one listens.
Maybe I talk too much… people can’t coupe with it.
I understand…but I have too much to say; a real pity that I can expres myself properly…not even in Spanish.
I know no one gives a dam about it …I don’t even know why I’m writing now…probably because there’s no one to talk with…and no noise.
Is strange really to be somewhere with no noise nowadays…there’s always something…a car, music, someone…something. Now is nothing except of my poor typing on the background…and my neighboard everynow and then…
I don’t know…it feels like time has stop…and that’s the end.