Monthly Archive for January, 2006

Recipes Update

One of my plasures is cooking, the other is eating and drinking…there’s more…but I’ll tell you later.
Anyway, back to the point, I decided I’ll share some of my cooking secrets, tips and recipes with you for your delight.
So feel free to pop around my recipes section and…enjoy your meal!

… If you do not enjoy … is all your fault!

Snowing In Cerdanyola

Look…it’s true, it’s snowing in Cerdanyola and it’s f***** freezing!!!


I’ve been so busy this past couple of weeks that I completely forgot about the blog…apologies!!
If you read Tom’s blog you already know what we’ve been up to…for thouse who don’t, here it is a brief update:

Two weeks ago we (me and Tom) went skiing with Liz…well, I’d tried my best but my performance wasn’t what is normally understood by skiing…more kind of surviving-to-fall-over. I’m very good at it now!!! Apart from practicing sport, we managed to get very drunk after a wanderfull meal and the next day…upfff, you can imagine…the slopes seemed longer and deeper. But, all in all, it was great fun and definitely we are going back next month. (By the way, there’s some pictures … up here soon!)

Last weekend we … well, I, decided to get a new wardrope because the old one was falling apart. Tom could life with it just because he hates DIY ..and he prove it by complaining the whole time. To be fair…it was a nightmare…bloody Ikea…now I understand why in Spanish we use the expression “te falta un tornillo” (you are missing a screw) when someone is going off their head! (pictures here!…soon)
Not much else to say, just that I promess to update my blog more offten…and make lots more pictures.

Spain, an emergent democracy!

Someone told me, long time ago now, that Spain was an emergent democracy and I got very very angry because at that time I was naive (even more than now!) about my country politics…you don’t know what you have till you compare, I guess….and now this!!
I couldn’t explain it better than Tom, so here you have the link!!
In Spain, we still have so many issues to sort out from the fascist time…that’s the prove!

New Year celebration

New Year eve…you know how it goes. I’m not going to tell you anything about it….but you can have a look at the pictures!!