Monthly Archive for December, 2005

New Year resolution

The new year is here…well, in a few hours, and everybody is bothering me with the new year resolution!
Is a bit irritating having to think about how to improve your live in dates like this. There’s so many things going on during these festivities that I didn’t have time really to think about it or think clear.
My mum “give up smoking”, my boyfriend (ups, fiancee) “get an alarm clock”, myself…I just don’t know.
The resolutions I made in the past didn’t take me anywhere mainly because I get pissed and the day after I can just think of the horrible hang over I have (I think I’m not the only one…maybe because of that the world is like it is…mmmmmmm).
I think that it should be a resolution’s day in the calendar, like there’s a father’s day, the aids day, the whatever saint day. That day will be a bank holiday where no one work or do anythingelse but thinking… seriously thinking: what they want, they don’t want, they are going to or missing in live that will make them happier…mmmmmmm…
Ok, despite of what I said, this is my resolution: Improve my English so you’ll understand me better and I’ll talk (write) even more, hehe

Christmas in Modbury

Tom and I spent Christmas in Modbury, England, this year.
It’s been a very nice holidays, relaxing and doing not much but in good company and away from Barcelona for a while. It was good to see the family and friends again, going for walks,…and going to the pub.
I had the opportunity as well of learning some traditional English cooking with Michelle, Tom’s mum. I hope I’ll remember it all to post it in my recipes section, that, by the way I didn’t update at all so far.
I felt very bad when my family told me that the Christmas celebration in Tarragona didn’t go very well this year…there was more arguments than Christmas carols…although, as I remember there is always arguments anyway…about the carols, mmmmmmmm…
Ups, I almost frogot, Tom gave me as a Christmas present a digital camaraaa!!!! I took some pictures but mainly from Rosie, the family dog (she is sooo sweet). Why?…well, she was the only one that will posse for me (‘pictures here!’)

Christmas decoration?

I know is Christmas and as any celebration it have its traditions and, of course, its folklore and the set up. Some people thou take it too far.
For instace, some Americans put this outrageous lights and all sorts of figurines around their front yard or the Spaniards with the scary sort of father Christmas (Papa Noel, in Spanish) hanging from the balconies when in Spain we DO NOT celebrate him, or we don’t mean to…we have “Los Reyes Magos” on the 6th of January.
The weirdest thing I ever seen is…how can I explain; well, some people is taking things to another level. Have a look and you’ll understand!
I have to say that, now I think about it, in Catalunya we have a very old tradition that for some might look bizarre. In Christmas day we hit a log (with a painted smiley face on and a Catalan hat, CAGATIO) with a big stick while we sing songs about shitting presents and sweets! … mmmm, I think in Catalunya we are a bit scatological..caganer, cagatio… the streets of Barcelona…

Dinner party

Last Monday night we had a dinner party at home with some of our friends.
It’s very complicated to deal with more that 4 people in a 50 m2 flat …well, in fact less…but let’s say, is very cozy. The most difficult of all is trying to mix different groups of people and , even more when there’s English and Spanish people involve.
First of all that, it just happend to be, all the women were Spanish and the “men” were English. That could have been the major issue because the behavior is different between Spanish and English but it is definitely more complicated when is opposite genders involve as well.
All in all, it went very well…i think it was the good wine and the nice supper (roast lamb with vegetables and gravy that Tom and I prepared) and the lovely Christmas sweets Eva and Raquel brought over. And what it make us all come together at the end: Alan Partridge Christmas Special!!!!

Poor Pete Doherty

Pete has failed again. He is just been arrested again for drugs possession while, his now ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss is saying around how sick he makes her feel…poor Pete!
Is a real sad waste and it make me feel angry that he is throwing it all down the drain – or, as he would say “you piss it all up the wall”.
Everytime I see one of his last performance on stage it make me wonder if there is any salvation for him. Is he going to be able to get over all that crap (or at least, canalize it in to a productive creativity) and do something good again?
I think he had talent, I really did when I first heard The Libertines, now I have my doubts if he was good in the first place. Well, I think both albums are already classics but I was foolish to think from the beginning that they were going to become something as big as…let me think, … Blur, for example.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Libertines and Babyshambles lyrics and songs, and I find Pete the most charismatic (and kind of cute) musician of our generation, but can’t bet on him anymore.
I feel pity for him thou, I’m sure Kate is not feeling what she said… she is just trying to clean her reputation but what a bitch!!! I don’t think it is all his fault, she wasn’t any better before him anyway.
My poor Pete.
(for thouse of you who don’t know who is Pete Doherty watch this video