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Bob Dylan Documentary by Martin Scorsese

Bob Dylan Documentary by Martin Scorsese
I always hear my boyfriend and his mates talking about music and musicians and, really, don’t pay much attention.
Yesterday we watch the documentary about Bob Dylan directed by Martin Scorsese…what can I say?… it was more that what i spected.
As a documentary is brilliant, well, with that director. But the best of all is realising what is Bob Dylan and what it means. Knowing more about his influences sudently opened a whole range of musicians and music stiles, very obious influences i have to say, that it make you think about the music we listen nowadays.
There was soul, pain, feelings, protest thems…that’s what music was about. I know lots of the misucians today will say that what they are doing is as fullfiling and senseful as that…well, I will like to see them doing it without getting paid what they get. Don’t think i’m naive…i know you have to eat, but thouse i heared yesterday made me stop, listen and think about…nowadays, after the first min…well, there’s not much to listen to…is a repetition from something you heared before..and i’m not going to talk about the MEANINGFULL lyriks…”…don’t you whish your girlfriend was as cool as me …, …the candyshop…,” and so on!

Now, seriously, Watch IT!!!