To my grandmother

I have recently lost a very good friend, a soul mate, a companion of adventures, a person who teach me so many things that I’ll never forget. My grandmother died last Thursday.
In her honor I read at the funeral one of her poems that she wrote in the memory of hers and that she used to preform in special occasions.

Avia Teresa i Avi Jaume

L’Avia (Grandmother)
By Maria Teresa Puig Altes (1911-2007)

Al neixer vostre llar sigue mon niu
acotada a la falda amb donareu caliu.
Tenieu la cara fresca, el front llis,
i gaudieu veient quan reia feliç.

Teresa and Gemma

L’avia al brasol contempla la neta,
ella se sent com dos vegades mare.
Amorosa m’abraça, a son pit m’apreta,
m’estima tant que mai mon desapare.

L’avia sempre carinyosa i bona dona,
ella sempre em cantava la nona.
M’abrasolava i em feia dormir
i em posava els llançolets de lli.

L’avia cantava i era molt riallera,
em donava sopes amb una cullera.
De menuda veia com pastava el pa,
em deia: “noia, axió no es pot tocar!”

L’avia a la vuitantena té la ratlla,
peró sempre conte alguna rondalla.
“Com passa el temps, sembla estrany,
peró sino fos que ja tinc tants anys!”

L’avia està  molt cansada, com es velleta,
camina amb pena i molt calmosament.
Arrupida bora del foc d’una cadireta,
canta poc a poquet molt dolçament.

Peró ara jo cuidare de vos
que molt guanyat teniu el repós.
En mi sempre tindre una pau serena,
que jo he deixat de ser una nena.

Teresa and grown up Gemma

Doncs envers aquest amor tant gran
i encara que tingui de suar sang
a l’avia mai mai més no la deixarè¨
ara arrivada a gran vos tornarè¨.

Els meus pares jo els sentia a dir:
“tots ens farem vellets
i farem el mateix cami,
i tal com tu faras,
tu també t’ho trobaras.”

When I was born your home was my nest
siting on your lap you gave me warmth.
Your face was fresh, your forehead free of wrinkles
and you enjoyed seeing me happily laughing.

Grandma is looking at the cradle watching the granddaughter
she is feeling two times mother.
She hugs me with love against her breast very tightly,
she loves me so much that I never feel alone.

Grandma is always loving and a good woman,
she used to sing me the lullaby.
She used to rock me to make me sleep
and dress my bed with linen sheets.

Grandma used to sing and laugh all the time
she used to give me soup with a spoon.
When I was little I used to watch while she was making the dough
and she used to say: ‘girl, you can’t touch this!’

Grandma in her 80′, have wrinkles
but she is always telling some tale:
‘time goes fast, it is estrange
if it wasn’t that I’m so old!’

Grandma is very tired because is old
she walks with pity and calmly.
Sitting in a little chair by the fireplace
sings very slowly and angelically.

But now I’m going to take care of you
because you gain a good rest.
In me you’ll find serene peace,
because I am not a child anymore!

Therefore, facing this great love,
even if I had to suet blood
I’ll never ever going to leave my grandma alone
that now that you are old I’ll repay you.

I used to hear my parents say:
“we all are going to get old and we will go the same way.
You will do, and you will find it too!

For ever in my heart and in my memory, my grandma Teresa.

How to…

I’ve recently discovered “how to” kill boredom and “how to” do it learning something interesting while surfing the net.

Typing “how to” on You Tube you’ll have plenty of options. From DIY tips, make up secrets and online courses of all kind to full fill your knowledge and curiosity cravings.

The one that I’ve found most useful and entertaining so far is how to peal a potato Japanese style.

Le Flaneur

Le Flaneur is an exciting new blog on the net; the rebirth of the Lowe Point with new face (face that help to shape with my PhotoShop little knowledge)  and much better updated content.

Although at first it can sound a bit pretentious, it is a breath of fresh air to read the reviews from this upcoming play writer (comedy sketches…) and future London Manny. From Tv comedy to fine modern art are ripped and cleverly review with a touch of politics and a good sense of humour.

Believe me, is worth stopping by 😉


I’ve been reading recently about the necessity in our society of taking things easy. Apparently, there’s a new theory that claims that creativity is condemned if we don’t stop our rushing style of live.

‘Stop, sit down, listen to the silence, and think’ – That’s what we should be doing at least once a day instead of trying to fill up our time with entertainment to cover the gap of free time.

Time is what we’ve got. Lot’s till we die. And we try not to think of the moment this time will be gone,  so much that we forget about the life it self and to live it.

Creativity in this sense is what it can make it interesting and worth living that time we have left. Therefore, maybe it is time to take some off to create a slow down tempo of living to gain  a much better society where free time it’s our time. The time we use what we learn, hear, know…to think about the why, where, how, who we are and what the hell we are here for. Then, maybe then, we can understand why our live is how it is (society) and change what we don’t like of it.

That’s been my time for today.


dsc02755.jpgI didn’t have time to update my blog for a while. Well, lets say I’ve been a bit busy recently.

I been organizing an international wedding, I got married in September, I went to Thailand for the honeymoon and back to the rutine.

Apart from that, not much else, basically I’ve been too lazy to write, to be fair.

One of the ideas people have about a couple who get married after a long relationship is that they are planing to start having children like maniacs … well is not the case. If we got married it was because we wanted to get all our friends and family together and let them mingle and enjoy a big party. I hope they enjoyed because for me was more stressing than anything else I’ve ever done. It was so good through to see everyone but it was a real shame not being able to have a talk with all…and worst, not been able to introduce one another. I went to my grands last weekend and they ask me to go thr the pictures one by one and tell the who was who because they didn’t understand anyone!!

Anyway it was good…and I’m not planing to have children yet…not feeling very maternal at the moment…

By the way…I did, I’ve got a myspace…sorry:

DIY and holidays

dsc017981.jpgDIY seems to be nowadays the hobby of the people who don’t have hobbies or the people, like me, that don’t have money to go on holidays.

Today, after waking up in a manky yellowy room (it meant to be white!) and watching one of thousand available programs there is on TV about DIY , I’ve decided to go to a DIY megastore; get some stuff and get myself busy.
I have to say that I was very exited going along the corridors and looking up and down the shelves. Million ideas came to my head imaging all the things I could improve in my little apartment. But, of course I had no idea about the kind of paint I needed, the measures, the tools I might need, how to start or how to do it…it’s much more complicated than what they show on the bloody telly!!! Seriously, I didn’t know there was so many different variety on paints!?¿¿?¿.

A part from my confusion (it was very evident that I was a DIY virgin) there was a bunch of men no just looking for a hammer and even one that was carring a child was looking at me as he wanted to give me “a coat of paint”! There was more people in the store that I have ever seen in the Barceloneta beach on a Sunday morning in the early summer… does people don’t have anything else to do!!!???

Anyway, at the end I manage to get what I needed and some other items to improve the overall look of the room: paint for the walls, brushes, 3 rugs… I’ve spend far to much and now there’s no excuse…I have to DIY!!!

Well, I’ve start this afternoon with a couple of old chairs and that took me just one Strokes album (the last one) but the cleaning took me the whole other two!!

Tomorrow I’m going to start with the walls…I think I going to play David Bowie because is going to be a long day…

CSS, Cansei de Ser Sexy

CSS is a hot band from Sao Paulo.



The Office

new office 1.jpgThe company I work for moved at last to the new office after months of waiting as squats in other departments of another company who owns the building. We’ve been waiting for 7 months to get to the new office and while waiting we manage to get to know (networking) lots of people from the departments we were skuoting…and despite beeing a bit unconfortable by not having our own place I will miss it basilcally because now in my

new office 2.jpg

office is just 3 of us (well, 2 because my boos have his own office insite the new one).
Here you have some pictures of the inauguration party last Friday!!!! (well, party, party…lets say a formal celebration with lots of diplomacy and lots of free food and cava = big success with half smile!).

FIB 2006

fib 20061.JPGThis year Festival Internacional de Benicassim has been great. A part from a good line up (see: the rest of the experience has been fantastic.

We’ve seen the Strokes, Madness, The Rakes, Pixies, Scissor Sisters, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, …Well, I have to say that we went to less concerts than the year before but we’ve seen more quality. It’s been like a proper holidays (lots of beach, lying around doing the minimum to not get overheated and nice beers in the shade…) with and extra: the festival.

One thing I have to complain thou, is the camping. We were camp at Bonet…terrible. The place was a mess and stinks, the shower cues were eternal, and is very far away from the concert area. The only redeeming feature is that is close to the town and closer than anyother site from the beach…but not that close (30 min walk in the baking sun!!).

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to my companions for a great time…and definitely, we are doing it next year.

(pictures here)


Merluza_en_salsa_marinera-thumbnail.jpgI start to try new recipes. Every time I get something new in the supermarket I try a new recipe. When I say “new” I mean something I had never cooked before. So, I have a look on the net for the best recipe (the most more suited for my cupboard ingredients) and add something personal at the end to make it mine!

Tonite I made “Merluza a la Gallega” (Cod Gallician Style). Is a very tasty, easy and healthy…what else can you ask for.

Hightly recomended…yamy!!

For the recipe look at the recipes section.